11th Grade

“Overall, I am so glad I took the course - especially during a period of time where the AI industry is receiving more attention than ever before.”

It was so insightful to learn about the various machine learning algorithms/models, and it was exciting to apply machine learning to analyzing more ADHD and other mental illnesses. I definitely learned so much and was incredibly motivated by my instructors’ constant encouragement and support.



10th Grade

“I loved taking this course. Through Persolv AI, I was able to secure an internship doing AI and ML!”

I was taught all the concepts with plenty of examples and well-explained mathematical processes behind them. Real code was given so that we could play around and experiment with what we just learned about. The inclusion of a mathematical review of the concepts used provided a great foundation for me to not only write the code, but understand what was actually happening in the machine learning models. Also, the instructor made sure we always actually knew the concepts by asking questions routinely and also made sure he was free so I could always get help in 1 on 1 meetings and dive deep into specific subjects, and helped greatly with my project on predicting Reddit upvotes.”



9th Grade

“Persolv AI helped deepen my curiosity about computer science.”

The presentations and small class size were perfect since I was able to ask and get a lot of my questions answered. Also, the homework and the knowledge I gained during the course was valuable in progressing my interests when developing my project on stock market predictions.



Bioengineering Grad

“After Persolv AI, I'm much more confident and enthusiastic about trying out different cool CS projects on my mind.”

The course successfully provides an overview of machine learning and I can say without a doubt that I know much more today than I did 2 months back. The program provided me with an extensive overview of machine learning, covering the various fields within artificial intelligence and their conceptual roots. As a graduating senior in a bioengineering program, it equipped me with confidence in tackling problems where machine learning could provide an edge. My instructor was very patient, accommodating and took the time to break down things I found difficult. he was also very helpful in guiding me through my project on stroke likelihood prediction. I'm very excited about the prospects of taking on newer research projects I realize now are within the boundaries of possibility.”



10th Grade

“Persolv AI really awakened me to the power and potential of AI.”

The course was expertly designed to introduce machine learning, diving into both conceptual ideas and their implementation through code. A hands-on approach allowed students to pursue projects that aligned with their own passions, supported by a team of talented mentors. Overall, the course was a huge stepping stone for my interest in AI. My fake news detection project was so successful and enjoyable that I am now turning it into an online tool for anyone to use. I am more excited than ever to continue learning and creating AI!



12th Grade

“Persolv AI helped me realize how accessible the world of research is to a high schooler.”

With a couple of weeks of Artificial Intelligence lessons from experienced teachers, I was able to do genuine research into climate change that I'm proud of. Throughout the research portion, I felt assured that my end result would be something substantial and applicable at a large scale due to the guidance I received from my project mentor. Persolv offers a wide variety of mentors, each with different specialties, to ensure that your research is headed down the right track. Ultimately, the class transformed how I viewed doing research and has provided me with confidence I can carry towards all of my future projects.