AI Research Publication

What is the Research Publication?

The Research Publication is a cornerstone part of the Persolv AI bootcamp. You will be able to produce your own AI application and research project by combining all of the previous knowledge you have gained throughout the camp. The theory and concepts you grasp during lectures, homeworks, and mini projects become more concrete and relatable when you apply them in a real project. You will be able to experience the complete process of an AI project, from problem definition, data collection and preprocessing, model selection and training, to evaluation and fine-tuning. Our goal is to help you create a strong research project and application that you can then publish!

Here at Persolv, we believe that the research publication is more than just an academic exercise that looks good; it's an opportunity to experience first-hand what it means to build out an AI application.

Why is the Persolv Research Publication Experience Unique?

Here at Persolv, we pride ourselves on delivering an extremely high quality experience to help you successfully complete your first AI app and research experience.

Top Tier Publication: We have strong connections with key journals to help publish your research project. We will assist you in refining your paper, ensuring it meets the standards of reputable academic journals and conferences. Furthermore, we'll guide you on how to find an ideal publication location, respond to reviewer comments, and maximize the impact of your work. Your success is our success, and we'll be with you every step of the way as you take your project from completion to publication.

Unparalleled Mentorship and Support: We have a strong mentorship and instructor network, which exclusively consists of Stanford professors, graduates and alumni. Not only does this ensure you receive individualized support and guidance at every step, but it also means that you will begin growing out your very own personalized network with a top-tier academic institution.

Build Your Resume: A completed research project serves as a strong resume piece. It is a testament to your understanding of AI, your ability to apply it in real-world scenarios, and your problem-solving skills. In the past, Persolv projects have gone on to win science fairs and hackathons, help students get strong letters of recommendation, and serve as a strong enhancement for college and job applications.

Solidify Understanding: Working on a research project allows you to dive deeper into your specific area of interest. It doesn't have to be pure theoretical CS research, we encourage you to take in pre-existing interests you may have and understand how to apply AI to them! This project will allow you to push your own intellectual boundaries while you investigate how different methodologies can be adapted to various contexts and problem statements.

Increase Problem Solving Skills: In real-world scenarios, the problems are rarely clear-cut, and the solutions are seldom straightforward, unlike the homework you have been completing. A research project simulates this environment, equipping you with invaluable problem-solving skills. It will also help you develop the resilience to face challenges, adapt to changes, and persevere to find solutions.

Exclusive Network: As a part of the Persolv bootcamp, you will be entering an exclusive network of Persolv and Stanford alumni that you can rely on in the future. Previous students have gone on to land additional internships at top-tier companies (even as a high schooler or undergrad). Our community is vibrant and proactive about furthering AI education.

Can I really complete the project in such a short amount of time?

Absolutely! The hardest part is always starting. Once you've committed yourself, you'll find a welcoming group of mentors and instructors that are here to help you succeed. Our Stanford alumni and graduates are there to guide you at every step. They'll help you plan your project, troubleshoot issues, and keep you on track to finish within the allotted time. Furthermore, working alongside like-minded peers can significantly speed up the learning process. You can collaborate, exchange ideas, and help each other overcome hurdles.