Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really learn all of this in 15 days?

Yes! This is the most common question we get, and we're proud to have not only developed a rigorous curriculum, but have enough instructors and mentors to guide you along this journey. You'll be surprised at how far you can get with 15 days of devoted studying and working, and we're here to help you succeed. By the end of the camp, you'll be Python Certified, have strong knowledge about the foundations of AI, but more importantly have created your own AI app and research project!

Which program is right for me?

There are a couple primary differences between the program options. The most basic one is the self-study bootcamp, which gives you access to all of our resources so that you can pace yourself any time. Students choose this option because they find themselves unable to attend the live bootcamp sessions, and would like to take things at a slower pace. The material is the exact same, and you can emulate the live bootcamp by adding on a comprehensive mentorship package.

Our most popular option (and our flagship) is the Persolv AI bootcamp, which is our live bootcamp that includes 30+ hours of live instruction, taught by a Stanford lecturer. Students will receive a personalized learning experience with a student-teacher ratio of 5:1. This allows for students to directly ask questions in realtime rather than watching videos or communicating online.

Our most comprehensive package is our 1:1 Bootcamp package, where you will have a Stanford instructor teach you all of the material in private. This option is best for those who want more individualized learning and flexibility, while building deeper and more meaningful conenctions with the Stanford network.

I've never coded before and this program looks hard! Can I still apply?

Absolutely, we even encourage it! No programming experience is necessary, and our talented team of instructors will guide you through even the most rigorous concepts. We believe that AI should be made accessible even to those with a minimal coding background. If you have previous programming experience, you have an option to be placed in an advanced cohort.

Why should I sign up for the Persolv AI Bootcamp over other options?

Unlike many other educational programs on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Persolv AI Bootcamp is specifically designed to have students engage in technical projects designed to teach fundamental skills. We are one of the only programs to base instruction off of a combined lecture and project learning experience, which you will be able to continue with after the program. In addition, students will have class sessions teaching Python that will make them eligible for PCEP certification.

Furthermore, our advising team consists of renowned Stanford faculty who have personally helped shape the curriculum, and our instructors are all vetted to ensure the highest quality of teaching. Many of our instructors have taught at both the high school and collegiate level, and have varied interests that are sure to help nourish any student's passions.

Lastly, students who complete a research project will be eligible for nomination for regional awards as well as publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal. Depending on your grade level and experience, we will recommend specific journals to maximize chances for publication.

What does the mentorship for the research project in Part 2 entail?

Similar to other class sessions, you will select a topic of your choice, and work through a novel research problem under the tutelage of your instructor. He will be there to provide individualized assistance throughout the week to help you frame, design, and build your project for future publication. If you would like to continue extending your research project with the exact same instructor after the program, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Can I submit my project for competitions and/or publication?

Absolutely! If there is a target competition or specific publication you have in mind, we will help you tailor it more specifically, and you can contact us for more details at [email protected]. While we cannot guarantee that our programs will enable students to win any particular competition or ensure publication, we have had a history of successful students, and the machine learning concepts taught will serve as a strong foundation for future CS research.

Who is eligible to apply? Can I apply if I am in college/high school?

All Persolv programs are designed for accessibility, and we encourage you to apply if you are interested!. We offer a tailored experience for both high school and college students who are looking to learn more about artificial intelligence and how it can be applied in their field!

How competitive are admissions?

Individualized instruction is important to us, so all applications are considered on a rolling basis, and classes are restricted to have a 5:1 student-teacher ratio. We recommend applying early. Historically, our acceptance rates have been around 10% for the live instruction bootcamp. No applications are required for the private or self-study bootcamp.

What is the time commitment? Is there required homework to do outside of class?

During each lesson, you will be in class anywhere from 1 hour (weekday) to 2.5 hours (weekend) each day. Optional homework will be assigned, and we encourage you to complete it if time permits. Each assignment is designed to supplement that day's instruction and will be discussed the following day.

How much does this cost?

All pricing information is reflected on our program page at a competitive price. We strive to distinguish ourselves through a much more affordable price point while offering superior instruction, since we know artificial intelligence will be an invaluable skill in the future.